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Jerusalem Winery

Jerusalem Winery

The winery's first vintage was in 2002 and in its first two years all its wine labels were designated solely for export, mainly for the European, Jewish and Christian Friends of Israel markets. In 2004 the winery increased production and began market its products in the local market.

Jerusalem Winery is a modern operation that uses innovative technologies for all wine production processes, from the intake of grapes to bottling the wine. The vineyards are planted at elevations of 600 to 800 meters above sea level.

The climate and rocky soil in the region provide the grapes with unique flavors and aromas that contribute to the creation of quality full-bodied and balanced wines. The wines are aged in French and American oak barrels for 3 to 15 months. The winery produces 300,000 bottles a year, 80% of which is exported. The wines are made under the supervision of the jerusalem Rabbinate Mehadrin, Badatz Yore De'a Rabbi Mahfoud, Badatz Manchester Rabbi Westheim and Orthodox Union.

Product Series

Jerusalem Hills Muscat D' Alexandrie
Jerusalem Winery Jerusalem Hills Muscat D' Alexandrie $57.00 $28.50
Jerusalem Hills Merlot
Jerusalem Winery Jerusalem Hills Merlot $57.00 $28.50
Jerusalem Hills Cabernet Sauvignon
Jerusalem Winery Jerusalem Hills Cabernet Sauvignon $63.00 $31.50
Jerusalem Hills Reserve
Jerusalem Winery Jerusalem Hills Reserve $188.00 $84.60